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Keeping your equipment running is what we do best. Recently our team developed an upgrade solution to modernize the outdated B&R 2005

🌱 Embracing the Circular Economy: Unleashing Hidden Value in Used Technology Assets! 🔄 In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, the value of sustainable

New press control desks, for a European newspaper press customer, being prepared for transportation. x3 New press control desks MGWS press management

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a manufacturing process that builds products from a digital design by depositing material in

Replacement control panel design, build & testing in the UK. As part of a project upgrading CT50 reelstands on a Mark I

Keeping your equipment running is what we do best Our engineers / technicians provide repairs, upgrades & support for all types of

Recently completed overhaul of a ‘nordmeccanica Laminating unit – Super Combi 2000’, for one of our UK packaging customers. This unit had

It’s a busy time for our team in Norway, with the decommissioning phase complete, the delicate and careful process of extracting the

Worn cylinder eccentrics & bores can affect print quality & press performance Historically the only option to refurbish the main cylinder bores

Parker SSD 590 DC digital drive Parameters pre-configured to suit customers machine. All ready to ‘plug and play’ on arrival to site

Recently one of our senior service technicians @patrickgallagher was engaged in working with a customers team in Norway to relocate their existing

Our UK engineering team of design engineers; mechanical, electrical & controls technicians have been providing engineered solutions for highly automated printing press