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Control panel upgrade – CT50 reelstand (Colorliner Mark I)

Control panel upgrade – CT50 reelstand (Colorliner Mark I)

Replacement control panel design, build & testing in the UK.

As part of a project upgrading CT50 reelstands on a Mark I Colorliner press.

Equipped with latest generation AB CompactLogix PLC, Point IO, PowerFlex drives and PanelView HMI.

All with VPN connection to our 24-hour support line.

The new panels are undergoing final checks & testing (simulating press desk and reelstand HMI coms) prior to shipment to a newspaper customer in the USA.

We provide our customers with a reliable, long-standing resource they can count on to support their entire facility.

manroland Goss web systems UK Solutions Ltd specialise in automation & controls support, repairs and bespoke solutions using off the shelf components.


We are here to make the process as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.

Our engineers will work with your existing wiring diagrams to specify new drives & controllers that will fit into your existing application and installation environment.


Lets keep your equipment running…

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