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Do you have equipment gathering dust?

Do you have equipment gathering dust?

A repair can often prove to be the smart, efficient and cost-effective option

We offer a quick and reliable repair and refurbishment service to help maintain your production capability

What’s more, there’s no charge for us to assess the viability and cost of a repair and no obligation to have any work done

Recently we gave a new lease of life to a ‘Glue dosing unit’ from a laminating machine line

  • Free collection
  • Safety check
  • Resolve wiring faults with new cable looms
  • New Temperature controller
  • Heated hose replacement
  • Removal of residual glue from components
  • Strip, clean & rebuild seized Resin pump
  • New seals
  • Motors tested
  • Machine test
  • Strip / prime / paint of units


For a cost-effective and quality repair contact:

Lets keep your equipment running…

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