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Web up system – Flexo Press (Packaging application)

Web up system – Flexo Press (Packaging application)

Web up systems provide a safer method for webbing up your press and saves significant time.

We can custom design and install a system for your equipment regardless of the age or original manufacturer.

Recent project to retro-fit a ‘Tape web-up system’ – manual handwheel operation

Client issues:

  • Web up of the press is by hand
  • Operator safety concerns raised following risk assessment
  • Time – consuming
  • Inefficient


The New ‘Tape system’ comprises a handwheel driven drive belt or ‘tape’, which is looped within the unit & press framework, running over a series of tape pulley.

A motor driven solution with local operator controls can also be provided.

Over the years manroland Goss has developed a number of solutions for a variety of web-up system configurations within our own portfolio of offset presses.

We are able to adapt and migrate these proven systems onto other platforms.

Always adopting a practical approach in the execution to minimise disruption and downtime.

Knowledge combined with enthusiasm for technical challenges – is how we offer value across many industries.

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